The online gambling industry has expanded, and with it, crypto casinos have introduced their own games. These games give the casinos more control and allow players to verify the results, which is a unique feature of decentralized blockchain technology. These games are now known as ‘crypto games’ and have been accepted by the crypto gambling community. They are mainly hosted by crypto casinos and have little to do with actual cryptocurrencies. 

While the number of crypto games is on the rise, there are a few classic games that appear consistently in crypto casinos. These include crypto dice, wheel spin, crash, plinko, and hi-lo. 

Crypto Dice 

The crypto dice game, which was the first to appear among crypto games, involves choosing a number and deciding whether the result will be higher or lower. This should not be confused with craps, which is a game of betting on the outcomes of actual dice. In most cases, you can differentiate the two by the typical range of dice betting numbers, which is between 1 and 100 and cannot be achieved with a pair of dice in craps. 

Crypto Plinko 

Plinko is a game derived from an American TV show of the same name. In this game, a ball is dropped from the top onto a pyramid of obstacles, similar to a pinball flipper. It drops through the grid to the sectioned bottom with multipliers, and the goal is for the ball to fall into the highest multiplier.  

Bitcoin Crash 

Bitcoin Crash is one of the most well-known crypto games. It’s a game with a rising multiplier that eventually crashes. Your goal is to hold your bet as long as possible before the multiplier crashes. If it crashes while you’re still holding your bet, you lose. Although these games are referred to as ‘crash’ games, they can be found under many different names.