Baccarat has become a popular game in the online casino world, and with the introduction of cryptocurrency gambling, many players are now using them to play baccarat online. 

In addition to providing insight into some of the best crypto baccarat sites, our guide will also assist you in getting caught up on general baccarat knowledge. Keep reading to learn how can you begin to play Baccarat on one of the best platforms available today! 

What to know about Baccarat? 

Baccarat is a niche game that has been around for centuries, but it has only recently gained popularity due to the rise of online gambling. WAGMI online bitcoin casino has helped revitalize the game and make it more accessible to players all over the world. Cryptocurrencies offer baccarat players a number of advantages over playing with conventional funds, such as faster withdrawals, the ability to deposit and play anonymously, and cheaper transactions. 


It’s difficult to pinpoint why people enjoy playing baccarat. One of the things that draw new players to baccarat is the perception of sophistication and tradition surrounding the game. This is partially due to its historic association with European aristocracy and extremely wealthy businessmen. While this air of exclusivity may be superficial, it still has an appeal for many people.  

If you’re looking for a fun and beginner-friendly game, look no further than baccarat! Like blackjack, it has that one-more-hand quality that keeps people playing for hours. 

General Rules of Online Baccarat 

If you want to learn how to play baccarat, keep in mind that tens and face cards are worth zero points while the Ace through Nine retains their numeric value. 

The dealer will start by dealing four cards to the player and banker, two each, with their face up. The goal is to bet on the hand that gets closest to nine points in total. When a card’s value great exceeds nine (like 7+7=14), then only the second digit of noted is important (in this case, you’d have a 4). 

The aim of the game is to guess which hand will be closer to nine in value and place your bet on it before the cards are dealt. Here are a few online baccarat tips to keep in mind before playing the game: 


    • Eight or nine results in both the banker’s and player’s hands standing. 


    • The player can stand or request a third card whenever their hand is equal to five points or less. 

    • If the player stands, then the banker is required to hit only if they have five points or less. 

    • If you win a bet on the banker or player, you’ll receive a 1:1 payout; however, if you choose to bet on the tie and win, then your payout will be 8:1. If keeping track of gameplay is difficult for you, don’t worry–there are plenty of online resources available to help you out. 

Online Baccarat Strategy Essentials 

You’ve come to the right place if you want to brush up on your online baccarat strategy skills. Remember that online baccarat is a game of chance, which means your chances of winning are slightly limited. However, there are still ways you can increase them. The most obvious way is to ignore the tie bet option, which is statistically the rarest form of outcome. 

If you’re just starting to play live baccarat, it’s usually best to bet on the banker. This offers a more favourable betting option than betting on the player. The nature of online baccarat is entirely random, which means that betting systems such as the Martingale or Fibonacci system may not always work in your favour. 


To put it simply: 


    • It’s usually best to bet on the banker – The Player’s side has a 1.24% disadvantage while the Banker’s side advantage is only 1.09%. And this is with the 5% commission that successful hands on the Banker’s side are charged! If you’re not good at math, let me put it this way: there is a greater chance of winning if you stick to betting on the Banker. I know it can be tempting to try and second-guess which cards will show up but play safe and go with what (or who) gives you the best odds. 

    • Don’t bet on a tie unless you’re feeling very lucky – Most online casinos have an 8-1 to 9-1 pay-out for winning “tie” bets; however, this might not be as good as it seems. From a betting perspective, the house’s advantage is 14.4% at 8-1 and 4% at 9-1. In other words, those numbers are difficult to overcome. 


    • Practice – If an online casino offers free baccarat, you should definitely take them up on the offer. By playing for free, you can learn how the game works and how betting strategy impacts gameplay. This is a great way to get some experience without risking any money. 

Also, make sure you understand all the rules before playing. It is quite obvious that you cannot play a game without knowing the rules, especially to win. 

How Live Dealer Baccarat Works 

The classic game of baccarat has been around for centuries, so when online casinos became a thing, it only made sense that live online baccarat would be the next step. So now, most crypto baccarat sites also offer live versions of the game. If you’ve never played it before, live online baccarat is pretty much as close to a brick-and-mortar casino experience as you can get while being in the comfort of your home. 

With online baccarat, you can play with a real dealer using real decks of cards. You’ll be able to virtually sit at the table and watch as the action is broadcast in real-time from different casinos around the world, all thanks to high-definition streaming technology and multiple cameras. 

Unlike digital baccarat, live online baccarat uses real cards. Also, reputable casinos cannot rig the game because everything is happening in front of you. However, if you ever have doubts about online casino fairness and transparency, third-party monitors will dispel these concerns for live online baccarat games. 

If you’re interested in learning how to play baccarat online at a live casino table, then there are some basics you should cover first. That’s mostly because live casino games have a messaging function that lets players talk to each other and the dealer directly. The game interface for this form of online baccarat includes a similar setting to the one found in classic casinos, allowing players to place their wagers and purchase additional chips. Actually, one of the handiest online baccarat tips when it comes to live casino is that some tables allow players to observe the game rather than play straight away. This will give you a better understanding of what to expect before diving right into the game headfirst. 

The best crypto baccarat site: how to pick one? 

When it comes to crypto baccarat sites, you should take into consideration a few facts before picking the gambling platform you desire to play on. Wagmi Casino, of course, is your best option as we have taken every measure to ensure you are playing in a safe environment: 

 – Our casino is licensed. This means you can play in a safe and secure environment.  

–  We offer a wide variety of game providers and titles.   

– Also our site comes with fast withdrawals and deposits. We know that no one wants to wait too long to start the game session or cash out the winnings.  

The rules of Baccarat are easy to understand and follow. However, there are specific variations of the game with nuanced rules that players must remember in order to win. Now that you have all the information you need, you may try your luck at WAGMI Casino, one of the best crypto baccarat sites!